"The ultimate high-end brushes for makeup artists and beauty lovers!"


A set of five luxurious face finishing brushes, designed and hand-made from the highest quality natural hair. These exquisitely soft brushes will seamlessly apply and blend to perfection any powder product, without altering the foundation or any layers underneath. Due to the delicate nature of the hairs, they can be used even by the most sensitive skin types.


Feather Face 1: With an arrowhead shape, this supple brush is made to reach every small angle of the face. 


Feather Face 2: Is a medium density cheek brush with an oval head and round base, that will pack a colour punch if needed. 


Feather Face 3: A candle shaped brush that offers an airy and delicate application. Use it with highlighter, for powder touch-ups or for a soft veil of brush. 


Feather Set -FF123

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