This set includes the brushes : 



The perfect versatile small blender for cream and powder textures!

With this brush you can smoothly apply concealer or corrector underneath your eyes, just as well as applying and blending eyeshadow. It is dense and soft, allowing an even and flawless distribution of product. It will be your go-to brush!



Your multitasker for creamy and liquid textures!

Was designed to perfectly work around the cheek area.

It's a soft and flexible paddle-shaped brush, that will perfectly apply your cream blush, contour and highlighter.

If you also like a precise foundation application, this will do that as well!



This brush will make your foundation look airbrushed!

With a very dense and full shape, it will seamlessly and effortlessly blend foundation on your skin. The bristles form an oblique shape, to perfectly fit the contours of your face. Works both for cream and powder textures.



An ideal shaping and sculpting brush!

This is a fusion between a paddle shape brush and a fluffy blender so it will do both at once: apply and seamlessly blend cream or powder textures. The narrow shape will aid in precisely shaping the cheekbones. It became one of my go-to brushes!




A multi-purpose small/medium round brush with a soft to medium flexibility. You can use it to apply cream products like skin care, blend a thinner consistency foundation or tinted moisturizer, liquid blush/bronzer/highlighter. It performs just as amazing with powder consistencies like buffing out mineral or powder foundation, or apply other dry cheek products.



A detailing brush that is perfect for precise crease blending and application!

This brush is dedicated for the crease, to accurately apply and blend eyeshadow without spreading the product where you don't want it. The bristles are the ideal mixture between softness and firmness, so it won't lose its shape when working.



Precise powder application!

Whether you want to set under the eyes, precisely apply highlighter or any powder textures, this will be the brush for that! The extremely soft bristles will hold their shape and help you accurately apply your makeup.



A small flat paddle shaped blender, for cream and powder textures!

I created this blender to help you lay down and build up products. The softness of the bristles will even make blending possible, so this one is another multi-tasker that you need in your personal or professional kit!



This brush will make your concealer or corrector look airbrushed!

With the same slanted shape as T3, this brush is ideal for concealer or corrector, and to work precisley in smaller areas. The bristles are forming an oblique shape, to perfectly fit the contours of your face. Works both for cream and powder textures.


Hair type: super soft synthetic fibers made with corn starch

TECH Complete Set - 9 Brushes

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