Makeup Essentials Masterclass

Berlin 31.03 -04.04.2020

A makeup Masterclass experience that is perfect for newcomers who want to learn professional makeup skills or for novice artists that want to improve their techniques.

In these Classes I will share my 15 + years of experience behind the scenes, alongside with the most important tips and tricks I learned along the way, that have brought me to where I am today.

I will tell you about the best products to have in your kit, so that you will be prepared for any challenges you may encounter.

You will learn how to achieve a flawless looking base for any situation! Color-matching foundation, finding the perfect concealer or  corrector, and setting everything into place by creating that perfect HD filter, that looks superb under any kind of lighting.

I will show you the secret to my shaping technique and how to boost features by seamlessly shading and highlighting the face.

Layering and blending eyeshadows won’t be a problem anymore! I will teach you how to master both cream and dry textures. We will go through the most common eye shapes and eye looks, including that perfectly stretched eyeliner. 
You will get to see my technique on correcting and perfecting eyebrows for that soft feathery look, and how to balance the lip shape to achieve that ideal symmetrical pout. 

Last but not least: how to be a professional in this industry! What does it take? What attributes you need to master? What is the secret, and ultimately, how to achieve the difference that makes the difference. 

All of these and much more in my “hands on” intensive 5 Day Masterclass! 

The infos you’ll need to help kick start your makeup artist career!