OG - Blender MW (Size: Medium/Application: Soft)

A classic brush that everyone needs multiples of!

With a flat shape and a tapered tip, this brush is extremely versatile working beautifully well with powders as well as cream products. 

You can use it on its side for allover blending or use just the tip to blend colour in the crease.

It can also be used as a lay-down brush, to pack color on the entire lid, or to create a soft, all-over eye effect.

It comes in three sizes - S/M/L to fit every eye size and every specific need. Alongside different sizes, it also comes in 2 Colors/Strengths - White - for softer application and Black - for more pigment. 

OG - Blender MW - MEDIUM

SKU: 0305398593388
  • 173 mm (total length);

    13,5 mm (bristle length);

    7,7 mm (ferrule width)

    Hair Type: White Goat